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Producer, composer, arranger and sound engineer with extensive experience in the music industry, has gained an international reputation for excellence in producing high quality music.  He is extremely versatile, with the ability to compose and produce many different generes of music- from full orchestral film scores to Electronic music.  Jordi is from Barcelona where he studied classical/Spanish/electric guitar, piano, recording engineering, and music theory.  He later on traveled to the US to work for Universal Latin in Houston, TX where he currently resides.   His career includes strong and consistent performance with an exceptional track record.   He has several platinum and gold selling albums, along with awards and music nominations. He has also composed, and produced for several films, TV and radio commercials.   He’s built alliances with a broad client base including; Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and EMI Music, Telemundo, Filmax….. Founder of “Rec4You” an online recording platform of professional musicians is just one of the lastest happenings coming from Jordi.  Stay tuned...




Jordi was born in Barcelona, Spain. By the age of 8, he knew he  had a  passion for music.  He attended the Music Conservatory in Barcelona, where he studied classical music and classical/spanish guitar for four years. Later, he also had an interest in modern music and decided to switch to another conservatory where he studied modern harmony, jazz, electric guitar and piano. By the age of 14, he started playing  guitar and singing with local bands. And by 16, he had his first experience with the music industry, recording his  first album as the guitarist/vocalist with the band "Daisies". He  performed in many concerts with this band, but soon after touring  he felt he had a different calling which was PRODUCING MUSIC. 

Jordi's first exposure in the field of music production was alongside  the internationally recognized Ten Productions, Toni Ten and Xasqui Ten. Subsequently, he decided to form his own production studio with the  intent to learn about all the recording techniques.   He spent about a year recording local band’s demos.  At 19, he composed and produced his first  platinum selling "hits";  “Cinderella” and "Liar" performed by “Phillip Rushton” for Vale music. He continued working in the Dance/Disco music genre with companies like Vale Music, Tempo Music, Blanco y Negro Music. This opened new doors allowing him to expand in different areas. He started working for publicity agencies, writing numerous television commercial soundtracks. Later, he came up with my own idea of creating a duet of female singers along with latin/dance songs in the summer of 2001. Xasqui Ten and him began casting for the perfect candidates for what would become the huge summer hit in Europe and Latin-Amerca: Sonia & Selena – Yo quiero Bailar. It sold over 250,000 copies, receiving the Gold and Platinum Certifications. They went to perform internationally  in Europe and South America. Due to their popularity other artists remade their songs in many countries. The songs “Yo quiero bailar” and “Deja que mueva, mueva, mueva” hit the number 1 positions in Spanish and other European country charts. They even qualified for the internationally known TV show contest: EUROVISION. Some  of the songs became the soundtrack for TV shows like GRAN HERMANO (BIG BROTHER), and one “Que viva la noche” became part of the soundtrack for the movie “L’Auberge Espagnole”. Later, he started to work for the show OPERACION TRIUNFO (the Spanish American Idol) where he produced a large portion of the music for the contestants. Because this show was such a huge success, some of his songs were selected to be a part of various albums for the artists from that show.  Some included the TV Show, “Verónica” and “Dani Úbeda” among others.

During this period of time, he signed, recorded, wrote and produced a tremendous amount of songs for highly regarded artists. The record label Blanco y Negro Music and he discussed the idea that he truly believed  would became an international hit, it was called OPERA CHILLOUT VOL.1. A work of adaptations of the most famous operas to electronic/chillout versions. This album was sold all over Europe, South America, and Asia. Obtaining  the Gold and Platinum Certifications. He continued with OPERA CHILLOUT VOL.2, and GOSPEL CHILLOUT for FILMAX MUSIC. Due to his hard work and perseverance, he  captured the interest of UNIVERSAL MUSIC and many other record labels to work on many different projects. 

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